Playing sports and being interested in it is a huge investment. There are a lot of things that you have to purchase. Aside from the essentials in your sport, you also have to have a look into the things that you wear. If you are a player of basketball, then it matters that you get the best basketball shoes for ankle support possible. The ankle support ability of the shoe is something that you ought to consider, and there are a lot of characteristics in a shoe that will determine if it actually supports the ankle or not. What are some things that you ought to consider in choosing ankle-support shoes? Let’s find out below!


In looking for ankle-support shoes, it will be a big no-no to get shoes that are either mid-cut or low-cut shoes. For minimal movement of the ankles, it’s a must that you get a high-cut style. While it may make people feel less “free” to move their feet around, the goal here is to limit the movement of the ankles, which would hence reduce the risk for injury to take place.

Jump Support

The most common cause of an injury with the ankles is a bad landing after a high jump. If you get a shoe with great jump support, then you’re on the right track. It matters that you have energy-absorbing shoes to prevent tension on your feet.

Other Factors

It matters that you also consider other traits, such as the traction quality, where shoes with good traction helps to reduce twisting and slipping tendencies. While these may be less glamorous-looking shoes, these are sure to make you feel comfortable. Among other things to consider are looks, weight, comfort, and the price of these shoes, as with any other purchase.

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