Most of us love superheroes and can’t resist reading the comics and imagine them fly and fight or watching them in the cartoons and movies. Just imagine how it would be if you can imagine yourself as your favourite hero and be a part of fighting against the enemies with your friends. In the marvel contest of champions, you can build a team of Marvel heroes and villains and fight one another in combat. It was released in the year 2014 and it can run on both iOS and Android.

The game:

There are only 2 characters when the player starts playing this game but as he plays and scores, he or she can keep unlocking the other famous Marvel character. The characters are also upgradable. They get updates that are based on their traits and abilities. This makes it cooler for the Marvel fans as they usually aim at getting all the characters and unlocking all their abilities. The best part is that the game is very well designed to make it perfect for playing on the mobile phone using inbuilt features. You need no buy or borrow a joystick or any other play equipment. If you find it tough, you can also look for the marvel contest of champions units hack and unlock and score faster.

There are totally 141 playable characters and they are updating to integrate more characters. This can also be played on the PC using emulators. The graphics are all made perfect and you will feel the real touch of the game. They keep updating and putting up the news on their official website and there are also discussion forums where the players discuss the game and the character. It is very easy to sign in to their website and start playing the game. They are also very easily available for contact.

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