There are many games that have huge armies full of muscular warriors, healing and damaging mages, but only one game makes it look so darn good. Clash of Clans (COC) is set in a fantasy-theme persistent world where you are the chief of a village. You can use the clash of clans hacks that will give them free gems to boost your village.


COC has a repetitive gameplay which basically involves training troops which you use for looting other people’s towns and use that loot to upgrade your own town. When you start progressing you can upgrade your towers to higher levels and loot much more than before. Clash of Clans has two phases – Build and Action phases.

Building & Attack Phase

COC is a combination of a gameplay which is dividable into building phase and attack phase. The building phase is all concerning about putting in place your village within the absolute best means. You can build by spending the games currency which is gold, elixir and the dark elixir. Defending the town, you build is a major component of the building phase as you can’t be attacked while you are online and you can only see those attacks as replays. You can use clash of clans hacks to boost your speed of building time or even skip the building time.

The Attack Phase

You have 2 choices during this phase, single player and attack other users bases. If you decide on a single-player attack, you’ll have to attack against one of the various bases of goblins which help you for the gameplay dynamics of the game. Attacking other users’ bases is all about inserting your troopers at a good position and looking as they are doing the foremost harm doable. Once you deploy your troops, you lose control over them. You can use clash of clan’s hacks hack to boost the training speed of your troops or even skip the training time.

COC with your friends and family can be very entertaining and also you spend hours having fun upgrading your base, attacking other basis and go on clan war with your friends in the clan. So, get the clash of clan’s hacks and let the Clash begin!

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