Television is one of the best sources of entertainment for a person nowadays. The different channels and the content which is being displayed on the television is just a thing which one can know of. But the only disadvantages of television programs were that they keep the user intact with their seats. If someone is caught up with work, they will miss the episode of their favourite show. But then came the internet to solve almost every problem in the world. Today, one can watch their favourite shows over the internet as well.

ProjectFtv was one of the websites which offered its visitors with a site on which they can watch their favourite shows. The site also channeled different movies as well. One just needs to have an account over the site and that’s it. It’s done. The site will redirect the users to different channels which offer these television shows for free. But then in the month of July last year, the site vanished from the internet. This article will outline what actually happened to the project free tv. So let’s begin.

What happened to Project Free TV?

On the 24th of July, the website of project free tv disappeared from the servers of the internet. The reason is still unknown. The domain has now shifted to some other name which carries the name of the website. The initial domain has now been diluted from the online servers. Like other websites which are present over a similar niche, the project free tv did not update its user with the blogs about the ongoing of the site. This was the reason why people still did not know what has actually happened to the website.

So, the answer is still unknown to what actually happened to the website and why they have changed their respective domain name.

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