The veins running through the body are interconnected and hence the feet are connected to the back. The back pain is a serious issue and it can cause discomfort to the entire body. The usage of feet at improper positions can directly affect the backbone and hence causing various pains. The pain caused in the backbone can be solved by a few stretches and little movements by back to life. Their package is so good and can be checked their testimonials on back to life review. It is a combination of stretching your back muscles and massaging at certain parts can help you relieve the pain easily.

Things to avoid suffering from back pain

In order to avoid back pain, there are a few things that you can follow. Improper posture at work for more than eight years and improper walking styles can also affect the spinal cord. These can consequently lead to back pain.

  • High heels

Women wearing high heels are supposed to suffer from young ages. The bones of the feet must be placed flat naturally and it is made like standing on a heightened position while wearing heels. This can damage the veins connecting the spinal cord. However small stretches can ease the pain eventually as mentioned in back to life review.

  • Improper posture

Sitting erect is the best position while you are sitting. Lounging on the couch with improper backbone position will cause damage to the backbone.

  • Prolonged sitting

Sitting for a longer period of time without easing your backbone muscles can also cause severe pain. You can take a minute walk in order to avoid the pain.

These are some of the causes which can be avoided and if not cured, then you can follow the stretches and exercises as they have good results as said in back to life review.

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