Water is one of the basic needs of all human beings. However, living in the modern world with the latest technical amenities, most of us do not realize that the water that is being supplied to us comes from a source after a long process of treatment and purification. Another thing that we do not realize is that the natural sources from where we get the water for our daily needs are constantly shrinking and the world is moving towards a major water crisis in the coming times.

The water supply systems in the urban areas that we have prevalent now was developed by Romans. They designed a complex and sophisticated system to bring the fresh water from the natural sources to their cities to supply the needs of almost one million residents. The second major step was the introduction of water treatment methods that allowed the increasing population to have an access over clean water in their homes. Not much later, it was felt that the sewage and other waste generated by human beings pollutes the sources of water, rendering it unfit for human use. This brought the third major revolution in water supply management, which was charging people for sewage treatments.

The world is facing another major crisis related to water. The sewage systems all around the world have become old and need repairs. Besides, the sewer systems have become more and more congested and there is a need to either replace them or clean them. To top that, there is a global water scarcity and more areas are prone to drought than ever. Hence, it is important that better technology is used in water treatment processes. Magnetic water conditioners can prove to be an effective alternative. Besides, distillation, recycling and conservation can be certain steps that can be taken for a better future.

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