Pokemon Go Vs. Pokemon Let’s Go, Which Is The Better Version?

Knowing the Facts About Pokemon Game Series

Pokemon is a popular game that was later translated into cartoon series which made it even more popular.  The popularity of the game spread like wildfire.

Pokemon was developed by Game Freak and was published for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch.  Originally, Pokemon was intended for all Nintendo games and units.

It was only until the launched of Android phones that gaming made a different platform.

People put down all the other gaming device including Nintendo series. It paved the way to the latest mobile game craze in the world today, also known as the Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is an online mobile game where you need to find and catch all the Pokemon using your Poke ball.  Sometimes, there are hard to catch Pokemon that hacks and cheats are needed.

There’s no need to worry because there are many  Pokemon Go Android hack available for download.

Once you have this hack as your tool, catching Pokemon will be easier to do.  However, rare Pokemon may still be a hard catch that needs strategizing and skills.

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Comparison

Comparing Pokemon Go with other Pokemon series like Pokemon Let’s Go really makes a big difference. In terms of gaming experience, Pokemon Go is indeed an upgrade from its usual series.

Pokemon Go is a combination of reality and the virtual world.  While other game series for Nintendo are simply games to enjoy.

Pokemon Let’s Go during its high time is one game series that kids and adults enjoyed.  Let’s Go is a role-playing game.  Let’s Go could have been the basis for the Pokemon Go version.

There could have been better ways in which we could have played the Pokemon Let’s Go differently, but that’s water under the bridge now.  Pokemon Go is the latest craze and there’s no way people would go back to the older version of Pokemon games.


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