Competition in the corporate world is tight, and businesses employ various strategies to make their brands known, from billboards to media promotions. However, these traditional promotional formats are quite costly, and cheap alternatives are needed if a business wants to be aggressive in their marketing strategies.

One commonly used promotional item that has been gaining popularity is the use of lanyards as corporate gift items. It is now commonly seen in corporate events, conferences and offices. Aside from being relatively cheap, it can easily be procured and tailored depending on the company’s needs.

Aside from the obvious marketing benefits of utilizing lanyards in your company’s corporate events, there are other benefits from using them internally in a company’s office. If your company is still not using lanyards, then it’s time to convince management to do so. Here are 3 reasons why:

Brand recognition

Lanyards are popular tools in modern marketing. Companies can easily showcase their brands by using customised lanyard as promotional items. Incorporating lanyards in the office as tools for employees will also increase exposure of the company and brand beyond traditional corporate setting and promotional formats. With the abundance of lanyard suppliers offering an extensive array of customization and purchasing options, it becoming easier for companies to utilize lanyards in their marketing strategies.    

Safety, practicality and convenience

Using lanyards not just as a promotional item but as a staple office tool has benefits too. It keeps employees from unnecessary carrying various items in their hands, as lanyards provide means to hold multiple items (ID cards, department badge, etc.) together conveniently. Lanyards also provide safety in the office as it makes identification easier.

Employee interaction and differentiation

Using customised lanyard helps for easy differentiation between departments in the office. If employee names are visible through lanyards, it will create a sense of awareness which would help increase interaction between employees. This will not just increase productivity of the employees, it will also promote camaraderie and make the office a friendlier place to work in.

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