Why Using Android For Your Business Is A No-Brainer

Lots of enterprises are now taking the next level in competing with other companies. There are already a number of methods and principles being applied by many corporations around the world to remain their competency.

One of the most widely used solutions for that is app development. It helps your business to be more productive, accommodate more services for the clients, increase the revenue, and many more benefits for your company.

But why go for Android?

  1. Greater number of customers

.Customer-wise, Android is far ahead of iOS. According to App Annie, an app analyst company, there are 90 Billion Android applications that were downloaded compared to 25 Billion iOS apps.

Though the figure was way back in 2016, it is still very obvious and safe to say that there are a lot of Android applications that are being downloaded compared with iOS.

  1. Easy to install on your device

Other than the Google Play Store, you can also download from third-party sources using Android Package Kit (APK). It is also one of the reasons why a lot of applications are being installed on Android.

Without a doubt, investing in Android application development for your business is a great choice in terms of accessibility and number of customers.

  1. Greater compatibility for devices

You might actually wonder if you can install and télécharger apk sur MAC, the answer is yes. You can install it by using BlueStacks which is like an Android simulator which is both available for Windows and Mac.

In addition, there are also a lot of manufactured devices that are compatible with Android applications rather than iOS. Hence, there are a lot of devices that run on Android rather than using iOS.

There are still actually a lot of reasons why you should go with Android in app development for your business, like easy market registration, easier to learn, and so on. Both have their own positive and negative sides, but so far, going for Android is an easy call for app development.

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