5 Psychological Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing

While you are looking to market the content of your blog, it is important to understand what people want to read, or in other words, have some psychological understanding of human behavior. The more idea you have, the more informed decisions you can make.

Below are listed 5 such psychological insights about blogging basics 101 which help improve your content marketing.

  1. The Rule of Reciprocity

This is a major psychological principle which is prominent in human behaviors. If you follow someone on social media and share a piece of their content on your social media handle, they are most likely to do return the favor. It helps your content reach a wider audience.

  1. Cognitive fluency

It is human nature to consume simplistic content rather than something that looks complicated, no matter how informative the content is. So make sure to use clear, bright pictures for your blog, and not make long paragraphs or sentences. Also avoid passive voice as much as possible, because that affects readability of your content. Similarly, in social media, try to put forth your view in short, crisp manner and use emojis.

  1. Information Gap

You can choose to have a mysterious heading for your blogpost, without revealing the secret. You can also do a series of blog posts once in a while to hold your readers’ attention.

  1. The Verbatim Effect

It refers to the tendency of humans to remember the summary of what they’ve read. So it is important to use bold letters and subheadings throughout your post so that people can read and remember better.

  1. Psychology of Color

Shades of blue and green evokes trust in humans, while colors like red evoke a sense of emergency. Use colors wisely and be consistent throughout your blog. Use the same color in every post to highlight, so that your audience can relate to your content easily.

How To Choose The Best Hosting Services For Yourself

While opening up a website, you need to search for web hosting services that are a type of service provider that lets you open up your own website with a domain that is accessible to everyone who looks up at it over the internet. It is all based on an online platform and works on the same. Launching a new product or service requires the attention of customers. Liable customers are only gained through exposure to the specific service being provided. Valuable information should be also provided in a detailed manner so that it is easy for customers to understand and make a decision regarding it.

All these require some set of functions which includes creation, maintenance, development, management, designs, and most importantly, the resultant amount of profits. So how exactly you should choose among all the web hosting services available on the internet? The steps are mentioned below –

Step 1:

Listing down all your needs and specifications of those needs that you require for the specific service or product that you are looking forward to selling. It might be through a host o your own HTML function or a host that provides you an HTML link. What kind of traffic you might be expecting is also another point to consider. The technicalities or feature of the hosting domain is main too apart from the monthly costing and earning.

Step 2:

Looking out for speed and the host’s reliability is obviously a factor that is important for avoiding the lack of customer support and experience. Because poor customer service leads to lost revenues which then marks the gate open for zero profits. As customers will speak in a situation where the service is poor.

Step 3:

Make sure that there are security options available. Protecting your data and files which are being uploaded on the internet is very important.

Step 4:

See if extra features are available including designs and add-ons. And also, see how will you be profited through it after upgraded packages.

Hence, these steps are what you must keep in mind before launching your domain through a web hosting service.